Tony Khan and Reby Hardy Provide Update on Matt Hardy After Scary Spot at AEW All Out

During a media scrum after the All Out pay-per-view, AEW President and Chief Executive Officer gave an update on a scary spot which saw veteran Matt Hardy take a bad bump, hitting his head hard in the process.

The spot took place during a match between Hardy and Sammy Guevara and resulted in a temporary pause as Hardy was visibly unsteady on his feet. The match did eventually continue, however, with Hardy winning but being taken to a medical facility afterward.

Khan began by stating that Matt was okay. According to Khan, AEW believes that the safety of their wrestlers is “most important” and that is why the match was paused.

“I was concerned that Matt could be hurt,” said Khan. “I rang the bell to pause the match. When the doctor checked him, he passed and cleared him on the concussion protocol.”

Khan also noted that Hardy himself wanted to continue the match and that he was immediately sent to the hospital afterward for tests as a precaution.

“It was not something that any of us enjoyed, it was a scary moment, but the most important thing is that Matt is okay,” continued Khan. “We’re all really glad about that.”

Despite Khan’s official statement, Hardy’s wife Reby Hardy tweeted that Matt Hardy has indeed suffered a concussion.