Tony Khan Bought Music Rights to Ol’55 to Make Brodie Lee’s Tribute Video Last Forever

This week’s AEW Dynamite was a tribute to Brodie Lee. It was done in the honor of Lee and the Huber Family. Amanda, Brodie’s wife, and her two children were also present during the show.

Unlike WWE, AEW did the 10-bell salute for Lee and also played an emotional video package as a tribute to the late wrestler.

This special edition of Dynamite was very special for wrestling fans. AEW President Tony Khan made sure that this tribute to Brodie lasts forever by retiring the TNT Championship belt design, with Brodie Jr. as the final winner.

Khan also revealed on Twitter that he purchased the music rights to “Ol’55” by Tom Waits in perpetuity so that this tribute lasts forever. This was something nobody has done before for a wrestler.

AEW also unveiled a new tribute shirt of Brodie on Dynamite that sold out relatively soon. It also broke several records on ProWrestlingTees, all in a matter of just four hours.