Tony Khan Declares AEW Won’t Feature Intergender Wrestling

President of AEW, Tony Khan was present at the AEW Fyter Fest media scrum this past weekend. Khan was impressed with the success of the promotion’s second event and answered several questions to give a clear idea of what fans can expect going forward.

Khan made it clear that AEW won’t feature intergender wrestling at all. This was something that fans were initially expecting to see but now the idea is totally out of the window.

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Khan explained that Jordynne Grace getting punched in the face during the ALL IN Over Budget Battle Royal was really disturbing and that seems to have increased his resentment towards intergender matches.

“Probably won’t see it in AEW. If there was one thing in at, I’ll just be like super-frank about this. How many of you guys were at ALL IN? The battle royal, does everybody remember when Jordynne Grace got hit in the face? That was probably the one thing I didn’t like about ALL IN … and I don’t think that’s cool. I’m really against, you know, domestic abuse and I don’t think — I’m not saying that is — and it’s a really complex question and I knew it would come up sooner or later, but it’s probably not what we’re gonna do.

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AEW could focus on mixed tag team matches instead, although there’s nothing new about it. WWE has already held two lengthy mixed tag tournaments and the upstart promotion could be following the juggernaut’s footsteps already to keep things ‘clean’.

“We’re gonna focus on a men’s division, singles and tag, and a women’s division, singles and tag, and have those divisions. Could it be some mixed division, I haven’t thought that much about it. But mixed matches are probably not what we’re gonna focus on.”

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Hopefully, fans who expected AEW to bring intergender wrestling on a grand stage won’t be disappointed with Khan’s strict decision.