Tony Khan Looking to Split AEW Dark into Multiple Shows

Ahead of the Winter is Coming edition of AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan held a media call and discussed some interesting tidbits about the company’s future.

AEW Dark, the secondary show which currently airs on YouTube, was one of the points discussed during the call.

Tony Khan said that the AEW Dark roster has grown exponentially and they are looking to break the show into multiple shows to feature talents in a proper way.

During the pandemic, AEW started airing more matches on the Dark episodes. Khan acknowledged Dark’s role in building new talents, giving the example of Will Hobbs.

“I do agree with you, we’ve built a really big roster and it’s hard to use everybody, but at the same time, we do need to keep developing talent and bring people in. That’s where Dark has become valuable and I’ve extended the length of Dark and I’m seriously considering splitting Dark into multiple developmental shows. And possibly even having one that is more of a developmental show and one that is more established talent, or maybe a mix of the two”

“Will Hobbs is in a prominent position in one of the top matches on this card and Will Hobbs is somebody who came in working on Dark.”

There were talks of Dark getting a slot on TV, but it never materialized.