Tony Khan Says AEW Show On TNT Will Get a Name Soon, Why They Chose To Air On Wednesday Nights

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All Elite Wrestling’s founder and president Tony Khan spoke at length with the media this weekend, where he discussed several things regarding the company. Khan was one of the major factors behind the formation of AEW, as he is an ardent professional wrestling fan himself.

All Elite Wrestling will move to Wednesday nights on TNT in exactly a months’ time, and the show will feature in the Wednesday Night War against WWE NXT. The new AEW show is yet to have a name, and Khan said that it would definitely have one to avoid confusion with the name of the company.

“It is not going to be called ‘All Elite Wrestling’ because I think it would be confusing between the company and the name of the show.”

Tony Khan’s father, Shahid Khan, is the owner of Jacksonville Jaguars in the National Football League in the USA, and soccer team Fulham in the English Premier League. Tony Khan revealed that he didn’t want to schedule the AEW show to air on the same night as football, which ruled out the possibility of the AEW show taking place on Monday, Thursday or Saturday.

“Tuesday and Wednesday were really good nights for the wrestling fan, it [AEW] would not be competing with the most popular show on television which is the National Football League. The vast majority of the top 100 shows are NFL games in this country. I don’t want to go against the NFL on Monday, Thursday or Sunday night because I am a part of the NFL.”

Due to TNT having NBA on Tuesday nights, Wednesday was the only option left for the company. This eventually led to WWE announcing a TV deal with USA Network for WWE NXT, resulting in NXT moving to a two-hour block on Wednesday nights, competing directly against AEW.

The unnamed AEW show will air its first episode on October 2nd and it’s rumored to be called ‘AEW Revolution’.