Tony Khan Takes Shot At WWE, Explains Why AEW Didn’t Release Any Stars During COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed numerous sporting leagues and events all over the world, rendering several people jobless. Needless to say, the pro wrestling industry is also going through an extremely difficult time as the global crisis continues to lay down even more challenges for every company involved in the business.

Last month, WWE released hundreds of employees as part of their budget cuts in an effort to recover from the financial damages suffered due to the pandemic. The unfortunate incident caused a huge uproar in the wrestling community as fans lashed out at the billion-dollar promotion for firing/furloughing their employees during such difficult and unprecedented times.

However, unlike WWE, AEW hasn’t released any talent despite losing millions of dollars in ticket revenue. CEO of AEW, Tony Khan, even went above and beyond to ensure that everybody is taken well care of during the pandemic.

While speaking to AEW Unrestricted, Khan explained that firing employees is not the way how the “second healthiest wrestling company” should be handling losses.

“We were on a really good run. What was happening in between Revolution and Double or Nothing, this was going to be the best run of business we’ve ever had, and we’ve lost millions and millions of dollars in live events. I don’t take it lightly, but I can’t take it out on the people that work here because it’s not their fault. We’ve really not let anybody go here as a company, and look, I’m gonna be honest, there’s gonna come a day where somebody, we’re gonna have to, but now is not the time. This is a hard time for everybody. It’s a hard time for us, but I have to look at the bigger picture. In the big picture, we’re in such good shape. We’re the second healthiest wrestling company in the world, and that’s a really great place to be. And we haven’t let a single person go to do it.”

AEW returned to live television this week and delivered a stupendous episode of Dynamite as promised.