Tony Khan Talks Busy Schedule, Says AEW Is For Everybody

Image via Twitter

AEW President and Chief Executive Officer Tony Khan was recently interviewed on where he spoke more about the direction he hopes to see AEW going.

Aside from AEW, Khan is busy with a variety of interests, being the Senior Vice President of Football Technology and Analytics for the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Vice Chairman and Director of Football Operations of the English Football League Championship team Fulham FC, and the owner and chairman of TruMedia Networks.

“At any given time, I have to be looking at different things constantly, and it involves a lot of flying, and it doesn’t involve much sleep,” admits Khan.

“But I really believe in all those companies, and I believe in all those teams, and we work with great people, and that’s how it’s possible. Plus, technology makes a lot of things possible too, you can be a lot of places at once nowadays.,” he added.

Khan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The university owns the State Farm Center which is set to be the venue of the tenth episode of AEW Dynamite. According to Khan, it will be a homecoming of sorts, especially since he first started thinking of owning a wrestling company while he was in Champaign.

According to Khan, he believes that AEW brings something different for its viewers and wrestling and AEW should be for everyone.

“We’re bringing an emphasis on wrestling matches and action taking place in or around the ring. We’ll do great interviews too, but in these segments, we can do it all in the arena and around the ring,” said Khan.

“We can do some stuff backstage; we just don’t spend half the show backstage. We want to offer people a show that doesn’t insult their intelligence, and really, it’s a fun show to watch,” he added.