Torrie Wilson’s Father Passes Away Before Her Hall Of Fame Induction

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Former Women’s Champion Torrie Wilson is set to join the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend. But we’re sad to report that that accolade might be dimmed by a recent loss.

Reports say that Wilson has recently lost her father Al Wilson.  

In an Instagram post, Wilson opened up about her mixed feelings about what should have been an incredible week if it wasn’t for “pain in the form of a sudden loss.”

She urged her followers to never put off making a call to tell someone that they loved them.

During his daughter’s run in the WWE, Al Wilson was often found backstage and even was part of some of her storylines. The most memorable instance of Al getting involved in Torrie’s career was back in 2002 where Torrie’s then-rival Dawn Marie began flirting with him in an effort to get into Torrie’s head. That storyline culminated in a match between Torrie and Dawn Marie during the 2003 Royal Rumble.