Triple H Addresses Fans’ Concerns About Velveteen Dream Not Wrestling At TakeOver: Phoenix

Image via WWE

Many people consider Velveteen Dream one of the hottest NXT superstars today, so his absence from the card of NXT TakeOver: Phoenix was the cause for some speculation. 

Speaking during a media call after TakeOver:Phoenix, Triple H addressed Dream’s fans and revealed some of his thoughts about how he would rather let young stars progress at a slower pace.

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“The dude is a star, but you can only fit so many people into a card,” said Triple H about Dream.

“[Dream] had star moments tonight, to me, in just the little bit of stuff he did. He walked out there and sat in the crowd,” added Triple H.

To an extent, the Game stated that some fans tend to expect too much, too soon from their favorite NXT Superstars, including Dream.

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“The one thing about Velveteen Dream—I think that everybody fails to realize with him—is he’s been in the business for a minute. How far he is and how big of a star, and how he gets this, it’s awesome. I think you want to make sure he takes the right steps to get there in the right manner, so that it all works in the best way possible and doesn’t become too much, too soon, in the wrong way where you put him in a position where he might not be ready for it, or could fail,” said Triple H.

“It’s just the world today is so impatient, they just want it right now. If you’re not champion in your first match, people are like “Aw! How could they do that!” You know what I mean? It’s just a crazy, unrealistic expectation, but in some way that’s a good thing and we’ll take people along for the ride and get them where we need to get them.”