Triple H Addresses Reports Of WWE’s Plan To Counterprogram AEW With NXT

Who will reign supreme in the WWE/AEW war?

Image via WWE

AEW’s brand new weekly show debuts on TNT on October 2, just 2 days before SmackDown switches over to FOX.

TNT will air the AEW program on Wednesdays, the same day NXT airs on the WWE Network.

NXT has enjoyed the Wednesday time slot ever since its inception and more so ever without any competition, but the yellow-and-black brand is now set to go 1-on-1 with the upstart promotion this Fall onwards.

On the August 8th conference call, COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque addressed recent reports of WWE’s agenda to counterprogram AEW with NXT.

“When it comes to NXT growing as a brand, there are more options on the table. You know, and look I’ll say just contrary to what I’ve heard because I’ve heard that we’re talking about putting them on FS1 and then people come in with counter-programming talk… we have content all over the place and if people want to talk about counter-programming and bring that up in the conversation then Wednesday has been the home of NXT forever, right? That’s where it’s sat. It’s been on our Network on a Wednesday time slot now forever and when other people announce a Wednesday — you don’t hear talk about counter-programming. You just hear the announcement.”

Recent trademark filing suggests that AEW is to likely name their new show “Wednesday Night Dynamite” although the promotion is yet to make an official announcement on the matter.

“For us everything is counter-programming. It’s this and it’s that and you know, we plan things long in advance. We plan on doing our business and that’s what we worry about.”

As previously reported, WWE could be featuring main roster stars on NXT to boost viewership and crush AEW completely. The billion-dollar promotion will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the nascent company doesn’t gain any momentum whatsoever.