Triple H and Vince McMahon Responsible For Booking Last Night’s SmackDown, NXT UK To Invade 205 Live, NXT Continues To Challenge Main Roster On Twitter


Triple H and Vince McMahon Rewrote Last Night’s SmackDown

Last night’s episode of SmackDown featured some surprise appearances from NXT Superstars and a “declaration of war” from the gold and black brand to their “main roster” counterparts.

As we’ve reported, the inclusion of the NXT superstars was a bit of a last-minute decision as a huge chunk of SmackDown talent and crew were delayed in Saudi Arabia after the Crown Jewel pay-per-view. That being said, many are wondering whom to credit the “last minute” booking of last night’s SmackDown.

Given as NXT is considered by many to be Triple H’s pet project, it would be logical to conclude that he was running the show, but according to Dave Meltzer, he was not given free reign this time.

According to Meltzer, Triple H was the one who “came up with” the major storylines and twists, but they still had to be approved by Vince McMahon.

McMahon and Triple H re-wrote and re-booked the entire episode of SmackDown when it was confirmed that certain top SmackDown stars would be absent and NXT superstars would be arriving from Florida to fill out the roster.

NXT UK Set To “Invade” 205 Live

While the NXT “invasion” of SmackDown last week might have been a spur of the moment thing, the next invasion is planned and announced. After last night’s 205 Live show in Buffalo, an announcement was made about next week’s episode.

Next week’s episode of SmackDown and 205 Live are set to be held in the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. 205 Live will feature an invasion from home-grown WWE brand, NXT UK.

The cruiserweights of 205 Live will face new competition from NXT UK Superstars. While this has been confirmed, the actual line-up and matches have yet to be revealed.

NXT Superstars Take Further Shots At Main Roster On Twitter

SmackDown closed with NXT Superstars in the SmackDown ring alongside Triple H challenging the main roster stars. The three brands are officially set to clash during this year’s Survivor Series.

Current NXT Champions Adam Cole and Shayna Baszler were prominently featured on last night’s SmackDown and it’s expected that they’ll lead the charge for the gold and black brand. The two continued to take shots at the red and blue brand on Twitter.

Triple H also repeated his “fighting words” to the main roster in his own Twitter.

Hall of Famer and current NXT trainer and producer Shawn Michaels also joined the fray.