Triple H Announces Two Huge Matches For WWE Crown Jewel In Saudi Arabia


WWE called a press conference ahead of Friday Night SmackDown earlier today so that Triple H could announce that two huge matches would be taking place at the end of this month when WWE travel to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel.

This is the fourth trip that WWE has made to the Middle East and the company has seemingly pulled out all of the stops in recent years by bringing the likes of Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, and The Undertaker over to Saudi Arabia for “one more match.”

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This month’s trip looks to be a little different since Triple H claimed that the company was looking to bring together UFC, Boxing and Wrestling as part of the show, which is why two huge matches will be taking place at WWE Crown Jewel.

After the buildup to the matches that have taken place on both Raw and SmackDown over the past few weeks, it comes as no surprise that Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez will now make their WWE debuts on October 31st.

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Velasquez takes on Brock Lesnar while Boxing star Tyson Fury will be facing The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman. All four men were in attendance in Las Vegas for the announcement earlier today where they were granted their face to face time and things definitely got slightly heated between Strowman and Fury.

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Braun Strowman was part of one of the funniest moments of the conference when he managed to botch the date and stated that it would take place on October 15th rather than 31st, but it is definitely the latter since it’s thought that Strowman just tripped over his words.

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There is now less than three weeks to go until Crown Jewel and there are three matches that have been made official. If these are anything to go by, this could be one of the biggest Saudi Arabia based shows to date.