Triple H Calls Roman Reigns’ Current Version as “Full Finished Product”

Roman Reigns made his return to WWE as a heel last month and aligned himself with one of the best talkers in the game, Paul Heyman.

Reigns is basing his character from Daniel-Day-Lewis’ role in Gangs of New York, and WWE COO Triple H feels this is the absolute perfect version of him in action.

Reigns’ long-time rival Triple H spoke on The Bump and heaped praise on the Universal Championship.

Triple H said that Reigns had to go through several years of soul-searching, and has finally found something which fits him perfectly. The Game also mentioned Reigns’ Samoan Dynasty, which added extra pressure on him to succeed.

“I think what you’re seeing now is the full finished product. Everybody goes through some sort of evolution of who they are, what they want to be, what they want to accomplish with their life and their career. For Roman, I think it’s been different because of his family background and all of the Samoan Dynasty, so to speak. When you step into that arena with that pressure on you, including The Rock, it’s heavy on what you can accomplish and what you can do.”

“When you look at Roman, it’s hard not to think this guy has everything possible to not only be a star in WWE but, you know, in anything he wants to do. He looks like a movie star, he’s one of the most athletic guys on the roster, he’s smart, he’s articulate, he’s composed. What we see now is the finished article.”

Triple H isn’t the only individual who is impressed by the new Reigns, as fans and critics have been blown away with his work so far. His first feud with his cousin Jey Uso is heralded as one of the best pieces of storytelling in WWE in recent times.