Triple H Comments On a Possible NXT UK-USA Network Move

Triple H was excited about the endless possibilities with the UK brand

Image via WWE

WWE NXT will be moving to USA Network in three weeks’ time, and that will take away the most important show currently airing on WWE Network. WWE has two other brands, 205 Live and NXT UK on the network, but their popularity is far too less when compared to NXT.

With NXT Takeover UK Cardiff set to take place this weekend, Triple H took part in a conference call to promote the event. This is the second Takeover event for the UK brand, after NXT Takeover UK: Blackpool, which took place in January this year.

Triple H was asked whether NXT UK could find a place on USA Network after the NXT switch. The Game didn’t rule out a move and said that fans of professional wrestling will eventually know where to find NXT UK each week.

Triple H was quite excited about the endless possibilities with the UK brand and said that the platform is irrelevant.

“I think this deal shows a few things; I think it shows the significance and the excitement of something we’ve been working on or a while. I think that the opportunity for the UK is tremendous, whether that is on the network or somewhere else. The platform is irrelevant if people want to find the best wrestling in Europe, they know where to find it – whether that’s on BT [Sport] or the Network. They’ll be able to find a lot of it on the USA Network like I just said. “

Triple H also reiterated the fact that NXT will be available on WWE Network the very next day after its broadcast on USA Network, which will be good news for the subscribers of the network.

“I just want to say one thing though, NXT will still be on the WWE Network, 24 hours after its initial airing, so it’s there and it’s going to be there for everybody!”

NXT UK is still finding its feet in the WWE programming, and a TV deal is definitely a long shot at this point. But with Triple H in charge, the UK brand will surely get proper recognition soon enough.