Triple H Is Not Bothered About WWE NXT Losing To AEW Dynamite On Wednesday Night Wars

The Wednesday Night Wars between WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite kicked off in October 2019 with USA Network and TNT going head-to-head in the ratings game. Since Survivor Series, NXT ratings have crumbled, thus allowing Dynamite to significantly gain the upper hand.

At this point, the war is heating up with empty arena shows but neither company wants to make it an excuse for taking a back seat. As a matter of fact, both WWE and AEW are firing on all cylinders to put on the best product possible for fans watching at home.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Paul “Triple H” Levesque discussed the cut-throat competition NXT is facing on Wednesday nights. The Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development for WWE isn’t bothered about the black-and-gold brand getting beat in the numbers game week-to-week; he is more focused on delivering strong results over the long term.

“I’m a believer in the long-term game. You create the right product, and over time, people will find it. I think back to Monday nights years ago, and it looks different now, but there were periods of time when WWE was putting on much better shows and the content was much better, but we were still getting beat. We were not winning ‘the war,’ but we stayed true to who we were. If it’s a flash and it’s exciting at first but you can’t maintain it, then it loses that pizzazz. It’s long-term duration, for me. That’s how you win. I’ve been saying it since the beginning—I’m not concerned about those numbers week-to-week. It’s about trying to put out the best show you can every week.”

AEW Dynamite has beaten WWE NXT for 14 weeks so far in 2020. However, The Game clearly remembers how the momentum shifted during the Monday Night Wars – WWE lost to WCW for 83 weeks in a row before Monday RAW fired back, thus leading to a back and forth competition that eventually saw Vince McMahon having the last laugh.