Triple H On Whether He Was Offered The Executive Director Position

Triple H's work in NXT has been lauded and has received universal acclaim

Image via WWE

The King of Kings, The Cerebral Assassin, and currently the COO of WWE, Triple H is a man who wears several hats in WWE. He is the main person behind NXT currently, and also oversees some of the main roster alongside his occasional feuds.

Triple H recently spoke on an NXT Conference Call regarding the new Executive Director positions of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff. He was asked if he was offered the roles, to which he replied by saying he has a position which is a lot different than theirs and he is happy with what he has seen till now.

“HHH asked on the NXT conference call if he was under consideration for Heyman/Bischoff roles on Raw/SD. He says his position is a lot different than theirs and is already thrilled with what he’s seen already”

Triple H’s work in NXT has been lauded and has received universal acclaim, especially for the Takeover events. The 25th show under the Takeover umbrella was presented in June, and like every other Takeover, received praise for the setup and the in-ring action.

Triple H went on to take about the tough schedule he has in WWE, with his presence needed on all the three shows of WWE. Triple H is also the VP of Talent Relations, which essentially means he is the guy who finds new superstars from the indie circuit.

Triple H’s in-ring career is not over yet, and will most likely return to the ring at WWE’s Halloween broadcast of the latest Saudi Arabia show. He has wrestled on every single Saudi show until now, and expect the trend to continue with the show on October 31st.

Several fans have called for Triple H to replace Vince McMahon as the top guy backstage, but that moment is still far away in the future. With Vince McMahon’s pet project, XFL beginning soon, he could take a break from professional wrestling. Maybe, we get to see Triple H in the top post during that time.