Triple H Questions The Accuracy of COVID-19 Tests, Says WWE Medical Protocols are Extensive

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed several major leagues and global events. The pro wrestling industry has suffered a great deal as well. Despite all the hurdles amidst the global crisis, wrestling promotions have put in their best efforts to ensure a steady stream of entertainment for fans watching at home.

During the latest teleconference to promote NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Paul “Triple H” Levesque noted that WWE is actively working with the CDC and following all necessary guidelines pertaining to COVID-19.

“So the testing that we do, we have medical experts on our team…they work with CDC and the government to determine what is the best approach for us to take to ensure the safety and the wellness of our performers, and that is what we do. That is working with the local and federal government.”

“When you begin to talk about various types of testing, and there is a lot of that thrown around, the accuracy of those tests becomes questionable.”

However, the billion-dollar promotion is yet to begin tests for coronavirus. The Game suggested that WWE will start widespread testing as soon as accuracies are available in the procedure.

“We need to do what we’re being told to do by the medical experts, and once that widespread testing that is accurate becomes available, we will do so. But the accuracy of those tests has to be there first. But in the meantime, our medical protocols are extensive, and most importantly, they’ve worked.”

Previously, a backstage employee was reported to have tested positive for COVID-19. The said employee was on the WWE broadcast team.

To ensure maximum safety, WWE installed Plexiglass barriers at ringside at the Performance Center. The workers/crew and talents are also being thermally screened prior to entering the premises. Only those Superstars who have a role to play during the taping are allowed to go inside when their names are called.