Triple H Reportedly Allowing Matt Riddle To Call Out Brock Lesnar In WWE


Brock Lesnar and Matt Riddle had a heated backstage verbal altercation ahead of the 30-Man Elimination match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. While The OG Bro continues to remind fans of his promise to retire The Beast at WrestleMania, at this point, nobody is sure whether both men will ever share the ring in WWE.

During the NXT live shows this past weekend, Riddle once again called Lesnar out and the crowd went berserk. It appears that the Riddle-Lesnar saga isn’t a work; rather it’s something WWE hasn’t quite tapped into yet.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the matter to reveal that Vince McMahon doesn’t like Riddle bringing Lesnar up time and again, but Paul “Triple H” Levesque isn’t bothered about it; rather the COO is apparently allowing The OG Bro to carry on with his shtick.

“As far as I know the Lesnar-Riddle thing is not a work. Vince isn’t happy with Riddle calling out Lesnar, but Triple H doesn’t care. So, in Triple H’s mind if you wanna go out on an NXT show and call out Lesnar, then go ahead. Maybe one day it will catch on to the degree that people will want to get involved with it, but what I was told is there’s nothing going on. It’s not a work. Triple H doesn’t care. Vince doesn’t like it, but it’s NXT and NXT is NXT and Triple H is allowing Riddle to do it. That’s the story that I heard.”

During the recent NXT TakeOver: Portland conference call, Triple H acknowledged the backstage altercation between Lesnar and Riddle.

“So, you know I didn’t see that. I heard what you heard. There was a conversation between the two or whatever and Matt’s Matt, Brock’s Brock. They had a conversation that’s between them they’re men and I don’t mean that to be disparaging to anybody, but they’re grown adults, let’s just say that.”

“They had a conversation that they did…I don’t know if that’s a work or that’s legit, but honestly I don’t care either way from that standpoint. I’m entertained by it.”

For what it’s worth, The Beast doesn’t have any intention to work a program with Riddle but that could change if WWE takes things seriously and proceeds to make the dream match a reality at some point in the near future.