Triple H Reportedly Has No Say in RETRIBUTION and Other NXT Call-ups

During a media call with Triple H, Wrestling Inc. asked him about his involvement with NXT superstars who were moved to Raw or SmackDown.

Specifically, he was asked about the NXT Superstars making up Retribution.

“Wait a minute, you’re saying that some of the people in Retribution came from NXT? Geeze, I gotta pay more attention to this stuff,” he joked.

He then went on to say that he doesn’t have any creative say into what happens when an NXT Superstar moves to Raw or SmackDown as the creative teams of each brand take over after a call-up.

According to Triple H, they will be informed of a potential call-up and are given some leeway on when the call-up will happen, but that’s it.

“They reach out to us, we have an interest in them,” said Triple H. “Great, I can write them out of some stuff and get them to you by this period of time. Excellent. And we go from there.”

“The creative teams of those brands are controlling what happens to those talents. They may ask me, ‘Hey can these people handle this or can they handle that?,” because they’re not as familiar with them as I maybe, but it really doesn’t go a whole lot further than that.”

Triple H also stated during the call that he doesn’t know what or if any participation the NXT brand might have in the upcoming draft.