Triple H Reportedly Is The One Holding Zack Ryder Back In WWE

Zack Ryder has been one of the most popular WWE stars with the WWE Universe over the past few years, but even though the fans are fully behind The Long Island Ied Z, he hasn’t been given the opportunities that he has deserved throughout his career.

It was obvious that there was something holding Ryder back since it definitely wasn’t his connection with the WWE Universe and Brad Shepard recently discussed this on the Oh You Didn’t Know podcast where he confirmed that it was The Game who was holding Ryder back.

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“They don’t use Zack Ryder, I don’t know what the friggin’ deal is there except for Triple H obviously historically hasn’t been a very big fan of Zack’s.”

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“So I was told this a long time ago but Triple H felt like Zack couldn’t handle himself or he didn’t look tough. So hasn’t been high on him in a while now. It’s a political environment and making the right friends matters, let’s face it,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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The fact that Triple H believes that Zack Ryder can’t handle himself in a fight could be the main reason why the former Intercontinental Champion has been stuck on Main Event or even the mid-card over the past few years.

Ryder won the title back at WrestleMania 32, but he lost it just a day later to The Miz when it was made clear that Ryder’s win was only for shock value and not because the company had a larger creative plan for him.

He and Mojo Rawley also looked as though they could be the next Tag Team Champions on SmackDown Live a year ago, but The Hype bros then went on to break up instead and Ryder has struggled to remain relevant in the months that have followed.