Triple H Reportedly Open To Both CM Punk and AJ Lee Returning To WWE

Image via Twitter

A CM Punk return has been on the radar ever since he left the company back in 2014. The former World Champion has since returned to WWE but as one of the hosts of Fox Sports’ WWE Backstage show.

This is the closest that Punk has come to returning to the company in five years and the fact that the self-proclaimed Best in the World seems as though he is edging towards a return had definitely got the WWE Universe talking.

So much so that in a recent interview with Metro, Triple H was asked about where he stands on CM Punk and his wife AJ Lee making their return to the company.

“If it was right for them, for the company, for everyone involved, then absolutely [I’d like to see them return]. I don’t think that’s ever been a factor, of somebody, saying, ‘This person should be here, or that person should be here.’ ‘Incredible talent are always incredible talent – but there’s so much more to the business than just being a talented performer. In a perfect world? Yeah, sure. Again, you’ve heard Vince echo that sentiment so many times of the years, ‘Never say never!’”

Triple H was the man who was originally scheduled to face CM Punk at WrestleMania 30 and was reportedly one of the main reasons that Punk opted to walk away from the ring. Punk then seemed to heavily blame The Game for the fact that he was fired on his wedding day, so for Triple H to say that he’s open to both Punk and his wife returning is quite a turning point.

There is currently a rumor that CM Punk could be part of the upcoming Royal Rumble since Brock Lesnar will be in the ring looking for a WrestleMania opponent and a return would without a doubt guarantee that Punk will main event WrestleMania, one of the things that he stated that he still wanted to do.