Triple H Reveals Awkward Moment When He Had to Ask Ric Flair to Get Off The Stage at WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony

At WrestleMania XXIV, Shawn Michaels hit sweet chin music to end the glorious career of Ric Flair. It was one of the most emotional moments in wrestling history as millions witnessed The Nature Boy bid farewell to the squared circle.

The 2008 Hall Of Fame ceremony was an equally emotional affair as well. WWE honored Flair’s legacy the entire time but it was during The Nature Boy’s speech that things turned a bit awkward.

On WWE 24, Triple H revealed that Flair’s speech was going way beyond the prescribed time which made Vince McMahon restless backstage. The Chairman soon ordered The Game to ask Flair to wrap it up.

“Now Ric’s doing his speech, and at some point, I see somebody wave from the curtain,like wave me over, and I stick my head into gorilla position, and Vince is like, how much longer has he got? He’s talking about the 70s; he’s not even in the 80s yet. Vince is like, ‘Well, we’re going to get dropped dead off TV, you’ve got to go out there and cut him off.’ ‘You mean you want me to go on stage and tell Ric Flair to wrap up his induction speech?'”

“And he’s like, ‘Yes, go right now, and I’m like, oh for the love of God, right (laughs)’. So I have to walk out there to the crowds booing, and I’m like, ‘You;ve got to wrap it up’, and he’s like, he just keeps going.”

However, Flair continued with his speech and there was a panic in the Gorilla Position. Triple H was then asked to send another message to the 16-time World Champion. This time, The Master of the Figure-Four complied and delivered a “woo” to wrap up his speech.

“Now there is a panic at Gorrila, like people calling me over. ‘Why didn’t you tell him, well, I did tell him.’ Why isn’t he wrapping it up, I said it’s his Hall of Fame speech, and they were like go tell him again. The worst possible fear I could have was to tell Ric that you’re a legend, you had a great career, get off the stage, please.”

It may not have been big deal for Flair, but for Triple H, it surely was the worst moment of his life ever!

In 2012, Flair was again inducted as a member of The Four Horsemen.