Triple H Reveals He Will Not Be Wrestling At Survivor Series

There was a rumor last week that WWE COO and the main person behind NXT, Triple H, was looking to be part of NXT’s main match at Survivor Series this weekend. The Game’s roster has run riot on the main brands over the past few weeks, but it seems that when it comes to Survivor Series, there was a pitch that saw Triple H in the frame to be part of the match.

Triple H was part of a conference call this morning where he was asked a number of things regarding Survivor Series this weekend, which is where the discussion of his involvement finally came up.

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“I have no interest in (wrestling at Survivor Series). As a matter of fact, if somebody came to me right now and said, ‘Hey, you should take that spot’, I would fight that vigorously.”

Triple H noted that NXT is about youth and the future, however, he admitted that he would step in if his participation helped another talent.

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“If ever there’s a moment that you can add to that and help that get to another level, obviously you want to do everything you can to make it happen. For me in this moment, it’s about others. I want others to shine on this stage, I want others to have this moment,” he said via Wrestling Inc.

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NXT’s Survivor Series team is still yet to be announced, but it will be interesting to see which five superstars Triple H chooses to be part of his time for this weekend’s show especially since many of his main stars will be in a War Games match merely hours before Survivor Series, which could affect who will be chosen for the show.

Triple H did state that he wouldn’t be part of the show, but he wouldn’t have been straight forward and admitted that was the plan even if it was.