Triple H Reveals Vince McMahon Made His Life Awkward When He Started Dating His Daughter Stephanie

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been married for almost two decades, they are the original WWE power couple and after years of attending creative meetings and helping with backstage production, Triple H is now running NXT.

The Game has come a long way since the early days of his relationship with Stephanie McMahon but as part of a recent interview with TalkSport’s Ariel Helwani, The King Of Kings stated that Vince McMahon made his life pretty awkward when he started dating his daughter.

“It was a unique experience. If you’ve ever met Vince, any situation like that is a unique experience. At some point, I should write a book just about that aspect of it! As we begin to have a relationship and that begins to grow, there’s every awkward moment that you could imagine that everybody has. That first dinner at your girlfriend’s at her parent’s house, except I’ve been working with her dad for all these years [laughs].”

“Just making it as uncomfortable for me as humanly possible just because he thinks it’s funny! There’s just so many humorous moments in all of that, but it’s wonderful. One of the things that I think is great for us, Steph and I, we often say from a team standpoint, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish and I think that’s how we look at it whether it’s the business or anything else, we work together and I think it’s a great one-two punch.”

“Unbelievable strengths that she has and things that she’s far better at than I am, and then there’s things that I bring to the table that aren’t necessarily her forte. And it’s hard, because when you look at Vince, when you create something from the ground up, you know every single aspect of it because you created it.”

“When you move further down the line into other things, there’s a much bigger business and all these components of it that incredible and massive and complex.”

“All these things for any one person to understand or know of it is massive so you have to rely on the people around you and their strengths and how to utilize their strengths.”

Interestingly, The Game also stated that he believed he would have become a WWE Official when his in-ring career came to an end whether he met and married Stephanie or not. The couple has three daughters together and at present are both still high-ranking WWE officials.