Triple H: “Roman Didn’t Want Special Treatment”

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For many fans, and apparently many of the talent backstage, the revelation that Roman Reigns had to give up the WWE Championship due to his Leukemia was a shock.

What was an even bigger shock was when it sunk in that this wasn’t a recent diagnosis of cancer, but that Roman Reigns, who is known for his strong “superman” physique and persona had actually been diagnosed more than a decade ago.

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Now, Triple H speaks about why Reigns had chosen to keep so quiet about the fact that he had been living with Leukemia for eleven years.

The COO of the WWE was one of the few people who knew about Roman’s Leukemia even before he made the announcement on Raw. During an appearance on the Elvis Duran Show, Triple H commented on why Reigns had chosen to keep his leukemia diagnosis quiet.

“He and I have spoken about this, this is something he did not want to put out there until he had reached a certain point in time in his career because he didn’t want people to feel like he was being pitied or given things for a reason,” said Triple H.

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Though crowd reaction towards Reigns in the past has been rather mixed, Reigns himself is well liked in the locker room and a big part of this stems from his humble demeanor and desire to just be “one of the boys”.

The official statement of the WWE reveals that Reigns’ Leukemia had been in remission since late 2008. Reigns first entered the WWE in 2010 when he debuted in Florida Championship Wrestling. He debuted in the main roster as part of the Shield in November 2012.

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See Triple H and Stephanie on the Elvis Duran Show here: