Triple H, Roman Reigns Believe Simone Johnson Has What It Takes To Succeed In WWE

Image via Twitter

Earlier this week, news broke that The Rock’s daughter, Simone Johnson had signed with WWE and was reporting to the performance center to train as a professional wrestler.

Johnson is set to be the first fourth-generation WWE Superstar, and during a media call, Triple H talked about Johnson’s road towards forging her own career especially under the scrutiny she’s already come under.

“If there’s one thing about Simone – and having known her for a few years – she has that. The reason she’s in the PC is not because she’s The Rock’s daughter. She has a passion to do this and it’s so evident,” he added.

According to Triple H, Johnson isn’t looking for special treatment, is a hard worker and has earned her spot in the performance center.

“She loves this and is her family’s business and lineage. That’s a lot of pressure on a young girl – and I know everything else she’ll put into it – she will go to any length to succeed at this,” he said.

Meanwhile, current WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was also asked about Johnson’s signing by’s Ryan Satin.

According to Reigns, it’s not just the Rock who’s proud of Simone choosing to continue the family legacy in wrestling, but the extended family as well.

“I think she’s gonna be fine,” said Regins. He added that she has passion, direction, and a similar level of intensity to her father’s.

“She’s obviously got huge shoes to fill, as we all do in our family tree, but she’s got plenty of help, plenty of resources. It’s just about putting in the hard work, and just finding herself, and she’ll be good,” he concluded.