Triple H Says King Of The Ring Win Is a “Career Changing Moment”

Triple H was crowned the King of the Ring back in 1997

Image via WWE

WWE has announced the return of the King of the Ring and recently, took the time to ask former King of the Ring winner and current WWE executive Triple H about what that tournament can do for a WWE Superstar.

Triple H was crowned the King of the Ring back in 1997 after beating Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who was then wrestling as Mankind, during the finals.

“King of the Ring is one of those moments in time that if you have it, it can be a complete career changing moment,” he said.

“Winning King of the Ring can put you on a trajectory in your career to being a top player in WWE for years to come and you don’t have to look any further than the list of people who have won it that have gone on to do just that,” he added.

According to Triple H, the King of the Ring tournament is a concept that is designed to give the performers a chance to show what they can do and elevate themselves.

“That is really what it does, what it accomplishes, when you win the King of the Ring everybody in that locker room looks at you differently,” said Triple H.

He was also asked to give his opinion on the current crop of WWE Superstars who were announced for the tournament and who would be his pick to win it. According to Triple H, it’s difficult for him to pick a favorite as there are a lot of factors involved.

“There are a lot of guys where you would think, ‘These are definitely front-runners. Drew McIntyre, Samoa Joe, guys that are kind of destroyers, so to speak, but sometimes it’s more endurance based, it’s not one match, you move on and you’re done with it. It’s multiple matches, against top guys, so, sometimes having that endurance to last, to withstand an injury, to come out of one match not at one-hundred percent and still carry on. That might favor guys like Buddy Murphy or Cedric Alexander,” said Triple H.