Triple H Talks About Difficulties Faced By NXT Talents on Empty Arena Shows

Triple H gave an interview on CBS Sports this weekend where he talked about the challenges of empty arena shows for the NXT roster.

“It’s a different product and it’s hard for talent, especially in NXT where some of the talent are younger and newer,” said Triple H.

“I can’t even imagine if I’d only been in the business for a couple of years and I’m just starting to get used to having a lot of fans at the shows and now they take all the fans away and I’m expected to do the matches still and put one-hundred percent into everything else,” he added.

Much of the difficulty comes in how NXT talent was taught to perform with emphasis on being reactive to the reaction of fans in the audience.

Without a crowd, NXT talents have to learn to put on a show without those reactions to guide them but Triple H believes that many on the roster are up to the challenge.

“I’m just a big believer the talent will rise to the top, the cream will rise to the top. If we continue to put out great shows, people will continue to watch. That’s truly what I believe,” he said.