Triple H Talks About How The WWE Identifies Potential Talent

During the NXT Takeover media call, Triple H spoke about the reasons why the WWE hires certain talents.

“There’s a lot of different reasons why we hire people, other than just, ‘Hey, I’m looking for someone that can be a main event player,’” said Triple H.

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“There’s whole different way of looking at it. There are some people I’ve brought in, even internationally, that I’ve said, ‘I’m gonna take a chance and see how they do physically,’ he added.

The Game also had something to say about the future of wrestlers that he didn’t feel would be capable of making it on the main roster.

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“I have another role for them in mind of something they’re really good at. I’m waiting to see if the physical pans out, if it does, great. If it doesn’t, I have another role in mind for you and I’d love to talk to you about this and seeing about moving forward with that and see where it goes. There’s a lot of thought that goes into it,” he said.

Triple H also said that, he believes that NXT might be a place for main roster talent who are floundering to start anew.

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“We are also at the point where you can see some talent that have been on Raw and SmackDown for periods of time, who have had some success or haven’t for whatever reason, who aren’t being utilized, go back to NXT. A talent who doesn’t get a lot of exposure on SmackDown and moves to Raw, it could be a game-changer for them, and all of a sudden they can do something different. I do think it (NXT) is a third brand,” he said.”