Triple H Talks What Makes A Good Main Event

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Triple H recently spoke on the In This Corner podcast about  what makes a good main event and why the women’s “Winner Takes All” match is the right main event for this WrestleMania.

Speaking as a veteran of seven WrestleMania main events, Triple H stated that putting on a good main event needs to be more than just having “big spots”

“It is about telling a better story, you know? The emotional involvement, how are you going to emotionally involve the crowd to get them to another level at the end of a 7 hour, or however long it is going to be long show. You really have to dig down to the emotional bag to make that happen,” he said.

According to Triple H, the way to keep people emotionally involved depends on the story and the character. He compared it to making a blockbuster movie.

“When you are going to make an Avengers movie, it is about the characters. You have to passionately care about the characters and then you have to passionately care about the things that you do because at the end of the day the special effects are really cool, but they just add to the story. They are not the story, and this story needs to be special,” said Triple H.

The story and characters that Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey are telling is the reason why it is the right time for these particular women to main event WrestleMania.

“You have all these pieces coming together and you start to wrap around the story around that and it just becomes self-evident to me that the interest level, the reactions, the biggest crowd noise is starting to become this storyline. It is starting to become the women,” said Triple H.

“I have all the confidence that this will and will be the match of the night. So, it’s not being given, it is earned, and it’s the spotlight they deserve and they earned, and not a spot that was handed to them because the time is right in the world,” he concluded.