Triple H Talks WWE’s Influence On Pop Culture, Undertaker Calls Khabib Nurmagomedov ‘The Man’

Image via WWE

The Undertaker recently appeared in a very casual avatar at a football game, and his appearance made the headlines in several places. The Undertaker is rarely seen in public without his Deadman persona and hence, the appearance was a bit surprising.

The Undertaker is a huge MMA fan, and he gave his thoughts on the Dustin Poirier vs Khabib Nurmagomedov fight. The Deadman said that he was rooting for Poirer, but Khabib’s too good to be taken down easily.

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“I’m pulling for Poirier, but I tell you what: Khabib is a beast. If Poirier can stay at distance, stay on his feet, avoid that takedown he’s a got a chance. Otherwise, Khabib is like Ric Flair; he’s the man. Until you beat the man… he’s an animal.”

The Undertaker’s appearance was brought up by Triple H in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated. Triple H felt that such appearances by WWE superstars in non-wrestling events are a sign of WWE’s popularity all around the globe.

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Triple H also talked about Becky Lynch‘s recent advertisements with ESPN, and said that WWE has a cross-over appeal. Triple H himself made the news when he sent popular talk-show host Jimmy Fallon through a table last year.

“WWE has crossover appeal. Whether you’re a fan or not, people all over the globe know who The Undertaker is. So whether it’s Undertaker on College GameDay or Becky Lynch on SportsCenter, talent appearing on Fallon or throwing first pitches at baseball games, our talent are integrated into every walk of life. That’s an opportunity to platform WWE to people and being relevant on a day-to-day basis in pop culture.”

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Triple H feels that the integration of WWE into pop-culture is something WWE Chairman Vince McMahon envisioned all those years ago at WrestleMania I.

“This was Vince’s vision at WrestleMania I: the integration of pop culture. So this was an opportunity for us to reach out to new fans, to reach out to lax fans, to reach out to everybody and create that buzz about what we do.”

WWE is definitely a major part of pop culture, although its popularity has certainly diminished over the years.