Triple H Wishes AEW Good Luck and Tells Them To ‘Bring Their Best’

Image via WWE

Triple H is known for revolutionizing the way wrestling is seen in the WWE. His work with NXT has changed the way things work in the company and has helped WWE bring a much more ‘professional wrestling’ product rather than a ‘sports entertainment’ product.

Triple H recently appeared on The Pat McAfee Show which airs on DAZN. McAfee is an NXT analyst and host of the PPV watch-parties. Triple H talked about the upcoming ‘Wednesday Night Wars’ with AEW and how he doesn’t want a war situation with the rival promotion.

Triple H talked about the growth of NXT in the last five years on the WWE Network and acknowledged that they have been trying to secure a TV deal for the developmental brand. Triple H said that he doesn’t want any competition with AEW, but wants to ensure the best possible product for the WWE Universe.

“We’ve been on Wednesday nights for five years, it’s been our home. We’ve been in discussions with various networks about moving NXT and growing it. Now is the right time. If Wednesdays is the place people can saw war or not war but I don’t see that way being competitive nature. I see us putting on the best show possible. I think at the end of the day, the winners are the fans. “

The fourteen-time World Champion talked about how he trusts his roster to give a proper performance on Wednesday nights. He went on to say that he hopes AEW puts out a fantastic show and feels the fans will be the real winner in this match-up.

“They will choose what they want to watch. I’m confident in NXT, I’m confident in the talent, there’s not one person I would trade anybody for. I can look at that show and say bring your best, we will and good luck.”

Triple H may shrug off the discussions about Wednesday Night Wars, but it is well and truly on!