Trish Stratus Wants Victoria Inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

Trish Stratus was recently a guest on Women’s Wrestling Talk. When Stratus was asked about which WWE wrestler should be inducted into the Hall of Fame, the Canadian star named Victoria.

“Victoria, Lisa Marie Varon. I don’t know, I’m surprised she hasn’t been inducted yet. I feel like she definitely… she did so much in WWE and then went on to have a whole another career in TNA and she is iconic.”

Victoria left WWE after working for nine years in 2009 and joined Total Nonstop Wrestling (TNA) as Tara. She was fired by TNA in 2013 and worked in the independent wrestling circuit until she retired in 2019.

Chris Van Vliet also recently interviewed Victoria and she talked about joining WWE and the difference between Vince McMahon’s company and TNA.

Trish Stratus also added that she would like to return and feud with the current SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.