Two Big Heel Turns Shock The Crowd On RAW After Super Show-Down

Two heel turns had the crowd’s cheers turning quickly to boos on last night’s episode of Raw.

A scheduled match between Bobby Lashley and Kevin Owens turned ugly, when the formerly always smiling Dominator injured Owens. Owens is known for getting under his opponents’ skin, but even he didn’t deserve what Lashley dished out last night.

Accompanied by his hype man Lio Rush, Lashley walked down to face Owens and quite frankly dominated him. Lashley was markedly more aggressive during the entire match. He eventually pinned Owens, but he didn’t stop there. Even after the bell rung, he continued to attack Owens.

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Lashley eventually wrapped Owens’s legs around one of the ring’s turnbuckles and slammed against them repeatedly, leaving Owens screaming in pain.

[adace-ad id=”7795″] is reporting that Owens sustained injuries to both of his knees due to the attack. He is set to undergo further evaluation to determine the extent of the damage.

Meanwhile, what was supposed to be a Super Show-Down rematch between Ronda Rousey, the Bella Twins, and the Riott Squad turned sour with an after-match attack.

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Rousey and the Twins had beaten the Riott Squad during Super Show-Down, and they beat them again last night. Rousey forced Ruby Riott to submit to her arm bar but, instead of celebrating their win, the Twins attacked Rousey and beat her down.

This is an expected heel turn as Nikki Bella has been rumored to be the challenger for Rousey’s WWE Raw Women’s Championship during the Evolution Pay-Per-View. The Baddest Woman on the Planet is sure to be looking forward to some payback, but could face a tough battle against Twin Magic as Brie is sure to be in her sister’s corner.