Two Cool New Mattel WWE Elite Figures Revealed

Two really awesome new Elite Figures from Mattel have been revealed.

First up is a Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Bret Hitman Hart. What makes this figure awesome is that it is based on his 1993 King Of The Ring victory. As well as the Elite Bret Hart figure, a cape, crown, and a scepter! Just keep your Jerry Lawler figure away from this as it will no doubt try to give it a beating! This King Of The Ring Bret Hitman Hart figure will be available this June.

Next up is a new line of Mattel WWE Elite figures that are called Retro Fest. This line is going to be exclusive to Game Stop and the first two figures will be a USA themed Macho Man Randy Savage and a 1990’s Rockers era Shawn Michaels. We saw the proto’s for these figures a few weeks back, but recently showcased a Randy Savage in the box and the packaging is spectacular! It is designed to look like an old school arcade machine and the back of the box has what looks like a character select screen of Macho Man!

We can see this Retro Fest line being a huge hit based on the packaging alone. No exact release date has been given for the WWE Retro Fest series just yet.