Two More Top Executives Revealed to Be Leaving WWE

As we reported earlier, Executive Vice President John Brody, exited WWE earlier this week. Now, PWInsider is reporting that he’s not the only one confirmed to have left the company recently.

According to PWInsider, they have confirmed that Brian Nurse was the second Executive departure from WWE this week.

Nurse was hired by the WWE back in September 2018 as the Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary.

Nurse was supposed to be a “key member of the WWE’s senior leadership team” and reported directly to Vince McMahon himself. 

He was responsible for overseeing the company’s legal affairs and served as a legal advisor to WWE executives. He also served as corporate secretary to the WWE’s Board of Directors.

Meanwhile, WWE reportedly released an announcement confirming that Mark Kowal, who had been the company’s Controller and Principal Accounting Officer, had left the company.

Kowal had been in the company for over 19 years, assuming the position of Corporate Controler in 2004. He oversaw the company’s financial and accounting departments and also handled investments and asset management.

Kowal’s replacement was announced to be Karen Mullane, a new WWE hire who has worked for CreateMe Technologies, SeatGeek, Inc., SoulCycle, and Etsy.