Two New Mattel WWE Playsets Revealed At Toy Fair

If you are a fan of WWE action figures, you will be very pleased to know that on Sunday of the 2018 New York Toy Fair, Mattel showcased a couple of very interesting things.

The Build A Figure and Build A Set (with the most recent Elite series allowing you to build a SummerSlam set) have proven to be very popular. Mattel revealed during the Toy Fair that coming soon is going to be a show stopping Build A Set series that is all about the Heartbreak Hotel! That is right, we now will be able to have Shawn Michaels interview people just like he did back in 94! Even cooler is the 1994 style Shawn Michaels figure that they showcased which fits this era perfectly. Also in this series is Razor Ramon, Alundra Blaze and Doink the Clown it is the perfect series if you are a New Generation era fan.

Along with this Heartbreak Hotel Build A Set was another set of figures called Milk A Mania. We kind of knew this was coming, but we thought it was just Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon. However, at Toy Fair, Mattel showed that this set is going to include Kurt Angle with a shirt and a milk hose. However this set now also looks to include Stone Cold Steve Austin as well as Stephanie. Austin was seen sporting a pretty cool Alliance era WCW shirt.