Tye Dillinger Reportedly Turned Down A “Substantial Raise” On His Way Out Of WWE

Tye Dillinger
Image via Cagesideseats.com

Tye Dillinger is now known as Shawn Spears and was last seen competing as part of the Battle Royal on AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view. Dillinger was part of WWE for more than eight years coming through the ranks in NXT and climbing his way up through the company until he was part of the Royal Rumble match a few years ago.

Dillinger’s promotion from NXT looked to have come at the perfect time, but he was just another developmental star who was wasted on the main roster, which is why he asked for his release from the company back in February and interestingly was granted it.

Dillinger recently sat down with Chris Van Vliet where he was able to discuss how he went about gaining his release from WWE since many stars have requested releases but not that many have granted.

“I was with them for eight and a half years total including my first time around, I did things right, I never got into any trouble. I was professional and I carried myself well and always did what I was asked to do. So that was one thing, the other thing is that statement that I put out later that evening on February 19th kind of handcuffed them a little bit. If they would have kept me, that might have made a lot of people unhappy. If they would have kept me and utilized me in a negative way or have me get killed on TV every week that would have made people upset. I think it put me in the best position possible to get what I was looking for. And the third possible reason is maybe they didn’t see anything in me and they go ‘You know what? We don’t see any value. It is time to go, so go ahead and to be honest with you I really hope it’s that one. I really, really do because that just fuels a little more fire,” he said via SEScoops.

Dillinger also went on to talk about the circumstances surrounding his departure where his exit seemingly mirrored that of Jon Moxley where WWE offered him a “substantial raise” but he refused to look at how much the raise would be because he knew that no amount of money would make him happy.

The Perfect 10 is currently engaged to Peyton Royce, and he opened up about how much his decision to leave has affected his fiancee who has remained with the company.

“My mentality in terms of bringing my work home with me wasn’t getting any better and eventually she said to me, ‘Look, I need you happy and I don’t care how that is, I don’t care where that is. I just know that going forward for the rest of our lives, for our future children and for our household now I need you happy. So whatever it is that you need to do to make yourself happy, I am with you 100%. Wherever you go I am with you 100%.’”

“She has my back. And when you find someone like that, put a ring on it. Lock it down. She has been my upmost number one supporter and my number one fan and my best friend through all of this.”