Tyson Fury Wants Triple H or Vince McMahon to Set Up a Match for Him Against WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

Tyson Fury decided to switch the boxing ring for a wrestling ring last year when the man who is ranked as “The World’s Best Active Heavyweight” took on Braun Strowman in Saudi Arabia.

The Gypsy King was able to come out on top in his match against The Monster Among Men, before then making it clear that he was open to a second match.

Fury initially had his sights set on Brock Lesnar, but since his rise to the WWE Championship, Fury has been pushing for a match against Drew McIntyre.

The two men have been having an interesting back and forth on Twitter over the past few weeks but finally, Fury has stated today on Instagram that he wants Triple H or Vince McMahon to contact his people to set up a match.

“Big Drew. Big s***house Drew. Listen, contact my people, Nick Khan, and let’s get it on. Get Triple H or Vince to contact Nick and let’s get this fight over the line… I’m gonna grab your hair and I’m gonna swing you around that ring. Never mind Claymore, you’re gonna get knocked the F out by The Gypsy King. That’s my promise, mush,” Fury wrote.

At present, Drew McIntyre is embroiled in a feud against Randy Orton, but when this comes to an end around Survivor Series, WWE could push Tyson Fury into a feud with McIntyre, since The Gypsy King gets more eyes on the company’s product and since he’s a boxing Champion he makes the company look much more legitimate.