UFC Defeats WWE For The First Time In History, WWE Set To Launch Third Podcast

WWE’s ratings have taken a massive dip in the last few years, similar to most of the other long-running shows. Along with the TV ratings, the turnouts at their events haven’t been promising either, and according to the latest report by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Obveser Radio, the signs are worrying for the company.

According to Meltzer, UFC put WWE behind in ticket sales for the first time in their existence and hit 10k+ gate numbers much more often that WWE could. UFC is also lacking top stars in the division currently, and hence, their numbers are rather encouraging. WWE, on the other hand, has a vast roster at its disposal but is unable to utilize it correctly.

“This is nowhere close to the worst year for attendance numbers for WWE. The mid-90’s were much, much worse than now, but it’s the first time that UFC had more shows that did over 10,000 than WWE and they almost doubled them.”

WWE’s numbers may be on a downward spiral, but they are still raking in billion-dollar TV deals, and have a solid ten-year deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has allowed them to continue business as usual.

WWE has a vast roster currently, and is still in the market for new individuals. Superstars like John Morrison and Edge are rumored to return to the ring in WWE soon, which would increase the wage bill even further for Vince McMahon.

WWE is not looking to stop only at wrestling shows, as they are venturing into new territories with their podcasts. Corey GravesAfter The Bell podcast and New Day‘s Feel the Power podcast have already debuted with praise from the fans, which has led to WWE commissioning yet another podcast, which will be hosted by Alexa Bliss.

According to PWInsider, Bliss will be recording a pilot episode for the podcast soon, and more details will be revealed later. There is no word about the launch date or the name of the show, but more information will follow soon.