Undertaker Advises Younger Wrestlers: Make Them Love You Or Hate You

Before facing Triple H in a match at WWE Super Show-Down this Saturday (October 6), the Undertaker, in a new and rare interview, has dished out some words of advice to younger superstars hoping to become as legendary as he is now.

The Undertaker is also known as the Phenom for a reason. He’s had a Phenomenal career as both an in-ring performer and an acknowledged locker room leader. But though we often hear anecdotes from other superstars about how the Undertaker influenced them, it’s not often that you hear ‘Taker himself dish out wrestling advice in his own words.

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But that’s exactly what he does in a video interview with pastor and wrestling fan, Ed Young of the Fellowship Church based in Grapevine, Texas.

In the interview, which he gives as his “real” persona of Mark Callaway, ‘Taker is full of praise on the athletic ability of younger wrestlers, but he reminds them that “less is more” and if they can’t evoke an emotional response in the audience they will not last long.

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“See, wrestling and sports entertainment, it’s not about the moves. It really isn’t. it’s being able to evoke emotion in one facet or another. You have to either make people love you or you have to make them hate you,” said Callaway.

Callaway added that, athletic and fancy moves might grab an audience’s attention but it won’t necessarily keep their attention for long. Also, that sort of wrestling style increases the potential for injuries.

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“We tell stories, we use moves – the wrestling moves to help tell the story – but it boils down to the character and being able to bring that emotion out of your crowd, out of your audience,” he said.

Check out the entire interview here: