Undertaker’s Son Not Interested In Stepping Into A Wrestling Ring

While there are many second and even third generation WWE superstars out there, Undertaker’s eldest son has no interest in becoming one of them.

Gunner Calaway was born in 1993 to the Undertaker and his first wife, Jodi Lyn. He was recently interviewed by Chandler Sorrells on The Ring, The Cage, and The Stage.

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According to Calaway, as a kid he did indeed think about pursuing a career in wrestling, but that desire faded as he grew older.

“In my eyes, it was like being a superhero. As you get older, you get into your teenage years and kind of want to be independent, and find your own interests. So, in my young adult life I steered away from [wrestling] and tuned in when it was necessary,” said Calaway.

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Calaway instead went to Full Sail University where he got a Bachelor’s as a Video Game Artist.

“I’d like to, in the next five to ten years, be an artist for a team in a production company for video games. Something I could put my 3D skills to good use and eventually own my own indie company,” he said.

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He also shared his experiences meeting his father’s boss and colleagues at a young age.

“Oh, yeah [I’ve met Vince]. No [he’s not like how he is on TV], but he’s a fun guy to talk to, for sure. [Laughs] All of [the wrestlers], you would never think— you see them act a certain way and then meet them in person and they’d be so humble and giving of their time, and just be respectful to people. It’s really refreshing I think,” he said.

Listen to the whole interview below: