Update On 7 WWE Contracts That Are All Set To Expire In The Coming Months

Image via WWE

WWE has made no secret of the fact that they are threatened by All Elite Wrestling, which is why many stars have already been signed to lengthy contracts to ensure that they are not able to hold talks with the competition.

Despite WWE already offering significant pay rises with many of these new contracts, there are a number of superstars who are coming close to the end of their deals and are still yet to re-sign.

Matt Hardy recently announced that he only had 11 days left on his current deal, which means that his contract comes to an end on March 5th. Hardy has been working backstage over the past few months and hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since August, but it was thought that the company would offer him a new deal since he’s ready to make his return.

Jeff Hardy signed the same contract as his brother when the duo returned at WrestleMania 33, but as of yet there are no details on the expiry date of Jeff’s current deal.

Jim Ross is the next in line since his deal expires next month as well. His deal was one that the former commentator has allowed to expire since WWE has already prevented him from working in Japan and as part of World Of Sport in the UK.

Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles are two stars whose deals have been discussed at length in recent weeks, but they are both still yet to re-sign, with Ambrose opting to walk away when his deal comes to an end in April.

The Usos recently revealed that their deals are close to expiring as well, which could be why they were recently given the Tag Team Championships in the hopes that this would persuade them to re-sign instead of looking over at AEW.

Paige is the last name on the list since her contract comes to an end later this year and since Paige doesn’t have a role on WWE TV at present, it is unknown what the future holds for the British star.