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Braun Strowman was written off WWE TV a few weeks ago when it was revealed that he needed to undergo surgery for a pre-existing elbow injury. Interestingly, the surgery wasn’t performed until a week later and there has since been no update on the condition of The Monster Among Men.

He is currently still scheduled to face Baron Corbin at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs next weekend in a match that determines his path to the Universal Championship as well as Corbin’s future as General Manager of Raw.

Cagesideseats most recent rumor roundup states that many believe that Strowman either won’t be cleared in time to be part of the show, or he will be part of a very short squash match against Corbin, which is much more believable given the issues that the two men have had in recent weeks.

Strowman’s elbow surgery is believed to have been minor and he was spotted in Texas earlier this week for Tribute To The Troops, which shows that he is already out and about and could make a return at TLC if that is WWE’s plan.

There was another plan floating around that The Wrestling Observer shared, where Bray Wyatt makes his return to the ring to fight in his former protege’s place, which would allow Strowman to miss the show, but many fans would feel shortchanged.

The best option WWE has is a squash where Strowman doesn’t have to take a lot of moves, but in a TLC match anything goes and it’s obvious that Corbin will have backup, so it could be a much harder match to plan for someone who isn’t one hundred percent.