Update On Brock Lesnar’s Status For SummerSlam

It was earlier reported that WWE Universal Champion has not been booked yet for SummerSlam. Last week on Monday Night RAW, fans were told that contract negotiations with Lesnar have stalled. In reality, this is just a storyline to portray The Beast as an anti-WWE persona so that fans get behind “hero” Roman Reigns. Although that plan hasn’t come to fruition, WWE has still some time left for SummerSlam and the Creative can come up with ideas to get Reigns cheered, just like the WrestleMania 34 build.

As of now, it looks like things are status quo for Lesnar. Wrestling Observer’s  Dave Meltzer noted:

“Just checked on this. Nothing has changed at all since what was in this week’s Observer. Vince has not made the call yet on his next show, but the presumption is still SummerSlam….”

It would be highly unlikely for the Universal Championship to be kept off SummerSlam, however fans are still in hopes to see The Beast appear at the show. Moreover, Lesnar hasn’t joined the USADA testing pool according to what is listed on their website. It appears that Brock will not be fighting in UFC in 2018 as his return to Dana White’s company seems to be stalled.