Update On Daniel Bryan’s WWE Contract Status

daniel bryan
Image via wwe.com

It was earlier reported that Daniel Bryan has not signed a new contract with the WWE. Since then there have been conflicting reports on the nature of his contractual status in WWE. The most recent of which happened just hours before the Extreme Rules PPV. Reports came out that Daniel Bryan had allegedly signed a new contract with WWE. This was, however, debunked by Dave Meltzer who did some digging around and found out that there has been no change to the contractual status of Daniel Bryan even now.

Daniel Bryan is one of the most marketable stars that WWE has and his incredible return from a career-ending and life-threatening injury makes him so much more relatable. He is also one of those natural wrestlers who has an instant connection with the crowd. When Bryan was asked about his contractual status he said that he has no qualms about re-signing as he likes working in WWE where his wife Brie Bella also works. His exact words were “but I love working with WWE and my wife is a part of WWE and so there’s a good chance I’ll re-sign.”

At this point, it only seems natural that Bryan will put his signature on a new deal. He is probably ironing out the details as he had mentioned earlier that he wants a less hectic schedule that will allow him more family time. WWE will definitely be making an official announcement as soon as a new deal is agreed upon and till then all rumors and speculations need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Bryan made one of the most cherished dreams of WWE fans come true when he made a return to active wrestling earlier this year. He is easily one of the biggest stars WWE has right now. Bryan is wrestling under an existing contract that would expire in September.