Update on Dean Ambrose’s WWE Status, Alexa Bliss Reportedly Injured Once Again

dean ambrose
Image via Sportskeeda.com

Dean Ambrose still yet to sign new WWE contract

Dean Ambrose has been making headlines over the past few weeks since it was revealed that he had decided not to re-sign his WWE contract when it expires in April.

Ambrose is a former World Champion and has been unhappy in WWE for a number of months, which was thought to have been the main reason why he was open to an exit.

Many backstage stars now believe that Ambrose could have changed his mind about leaving the company, but Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer checked in on the former Shield member’s status following Raw last night and confirmed that he was still yet to sign a new contract.

Ambrose is merely weeks from the end of his current deal, but many believe that the return of Roman Reigns could have been enough to convince him to stay.

Alexa Bliss struggling from another injury

Alexa Bliss is a former Women’s Champion on both SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw, but over the past few months she has been forced onto the sidelines due to injuries.

Bliss’ issues started back at Hell in a Cell when she was injured at the hands of Ronda Rousey before she later suffered a concussion and was unable to return to the ring until the Royal Rumble back in January.

It was thought that Bliss would be able to return to the ring on a regular basis after her Rumble appearance but instead she has returned to her role as a Talk Show Hostess which could be because of another injury.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Bliss has suffered an undisclosed injury which could keep her sidelined in the coming months.

“She is injured, I don’t know the extent of it yet. I’ve asked around and I don’t have an answer, but she is injured, yes,” he said via Ringsidenews.

This is bad news for Bliss who recently shared updates on her Instagram that showed that she was back in the ring and hoping to return to action soon.