Update On Jeff Hardy’s WWE Status Following Hell In A Cell

Jeff Hardy
Image via WWE.com

Jeff Hardy stepped inside Hell in a Cell for the first time on Sunday night and it was obviously an event that he will never forget since the former World Champion took a sickening bump through a table before he was pinned by Randy Orton.

WWE later issued a statement that said that the star was “coughing up blood” when he was taken to a local medical facility, but left the building on his own a few hours later.

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Hardy didn’t appear on SmackDown Live this week since he was still selling the injuries that he sustained inside the cell, but it is thought that these are all part of the storyline.

The Wrestling Observer has confirmed that Hardy worked the WWE live event following Hell in a Cell, which means that even though he’s injured in the storyline, he’s actually fit to wrestle in real life.

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Hardy is also reported to be working all live events this weekend, even though it is unknown when he will make his return to WWE TV.

Orton looks as though he has now moved on and is eyeing up some new victims, which means that WWE could be using this as a way for Hardy to have some time off screen and rest up since he was reported to be struggling with a number of niggling injuries earlier in the year.

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Jeff’s brother Matt seemingly announced his retirement from the wrestling business last week when it was revealed that he was struggling with a back injury that had seen his spine fuse onto his pelvis. Hardy still has a few goals to achieve on WWE TV before he follows in his father’s footsteps, so hopefully creative will allow The Enigma to return to WWE TV soon.