Update on Outbreak of Positive COVID-19 Cases in AEW Last September

Two AEW talents, Chris Jericho and Nick Jackson revealed this week that they had tested positive for COVID-19 last September.

While Jericho and Jackson’s positive tests were only revealed now, another AEW talent Lance Archer was pulled from a match in September due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, then free agent Ben Carter who had wrestled matches for AEW during that period also reported testing positive.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that the positive cases probably cropped up around September 12, when AEW taped a few of their episodes.

While Jericho was still on TV during that time, Jericho himself explained on his podcast that he was able to quarantine and self-isolate in between tapings, which was why he didn’t miss TV time.

Meltzer pointed out that Archer and Jackson were out at pretty much the same time, which meant the positive tests were from September 11 to September 23.

While Archer and Jericho both reportedly caught the virus from family friends and did not really display any symptoms, Jackson had a rather bad case.

It is also unclear how or when he got the virus though it could have either been in a taping or at an airport.