Update On Rey Mysterio’s WWE Return

Image via dailyddt.com

Last week there were reports of former WWE Champion and high-flying legend Rey Mysterio signing a new deal with WWE. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer now reports that those reports are false and he has not signed yet.

It is reported that talks between WWE and Mr. 619 are going well and things are close enough with both parties talking about the remaining commitments. Rey is booked for the ALL IN show on September 1, 2018 and he wants to do the show since he is advertised. As anyone would expect, WWE would rather want him to not appear on that show.

Mysterio is the current Heavyweight Champion for The Crash promotion in Mexico which means he would need to drop that title soon, probably to Bestia 666.

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As noted before, Mysterio wants a lighter schedule because he wants to spend time with his family and he wants to train his son Dominik. It is likely because the 43-year-old’s body cannot handle a full-time road schedule at this point.

Mysterio is scheduled to be at Florida Supercon this weekend:

Mysterio was announced as the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K19 a couple of weeks ago. Since then the speculation regarding Mysterio finally returning to WWE rapidly increased. For the ever-optimistic WWE Universe, its just a matter of time that the “Booyaka Booyaka 619” music hits and out comes the masked high-flyer running to the WWE ring amidst the WWE Universe.